TechHire is an initiative created by the Obama administration to push more tech jobs to middle- and lower-class Americans. TechHire is currently comprised of 51 states, cities, and regions across the country who, through civic aggregation, are working to build an ecosystem where governments, employers, training providers and other stakeholders work together in collective action to achieve a unified goal – developing a pipeline of diverse, non-traditional talent to meet employers’ rapidly growing IT demands.


I was tasked with redesigning the TechHire Playbook, a tool to provide strategies and resources tools for TechHire community leads and partners interested in implementing a TechHire program in their local community.


June - July 2016


Led design and research process

1. TechHire Toolkit - Landing Page.png

We learned that it is important to give TechHire community leaders easy access to the TechHire staff if they had questions. 


Flow allowing TechHire community leaders to quickly access tools and resources at any point in the implementation process.


Introduction page for each stage of the TechHire community implementation process. 


During the research process, we learned that TechHire community leaders aren't always familiar with specific organizational terms. 

We learned that TechHire community leaders didn't simply want a list of a steps but a place to keep track of their progress in real-time. 


In addition to provuding actionable steps, we learned that it is important to give TechHire community leads immediate access to key, curated resources such as presentation decks and strategy guides. 

TECHHIRE Career Navigator Tool

The TechHire Career Navigator Tool is designed to help city residents explore technology employment opportunities in their local communities and to connect them to training resources.